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About two-thirds of all sworn officers work in this division, which focuses on patrolling city streets, answering calls for service, and identifying potential crime problems. Under the Community Service Area Policing program, four dedicated lieutenants and their crews are assigned a specific quadrant of the City and tasked with resolving public safety concerns for residents, neighborhoods, and businesses.  This division includes the Traffic Unit, the K-9 Unit, Jail Operations, Reserve Officers, Police Cadets and award-winning SHOP senior volunteers who perform non-hazardous duties to free up sworn officers.

Recent News

West Covina Police handled 1,029 calls for service between 6:00 AM, Monday July 15, 2019 to 6:00 AM, Monday July 21, 2019. The busiest shift occurred on Saturday, July 20, 2019 - Night Watch with 119 calls for service.

MONDAY, July 15, 2019
-10:10 PM: While an officer was enroute to a call, he witnessed two individuals lifting property over a fence. During further investigation, it was revealed that the two individuals were in the process of burglazing the location. One of the individuals was also in possession of forged checks. Both were arrested.

TUESDAY, July 16, 2019
-10:21 PM: An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a vehicle code violation. During a vehicle search, a fraudulent social security card was located. The driver was arrested.
-2:49 AM: A vehicle was stopped for a vehicle code violation. During the stop, one of the occupants fled on foot. A foot pursuit was initiated and a containment was conducted with the help of Baldwin Park PD. The suspect was located and arrested. The other occupant was arrested for possession of a meth pipe.

WEDNESDAY, July 17, 2019
-9:41 PM: An officer discovered two individuals drinking alcohol in front of an apartment complex. When the officer was about to make contact with the individuals, the officer saw one individual toss something. It was discovered that the tossed item was meth. The individual was arrested.

THURSDAY, July 18, 2019
-7:54 PM: A suspect known to have warrants and open charges with WCPD was discovered driving around the area. An officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and arrested the suspect.

FRIDAY, July, 19, 2019
-12:26 AM: A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle. During the officer’s investigation, it was discovered the driver was under the influence of meth. Further investigation led to the discovery of meth packaged for sales, a loaded firearm, and several magazines.The driver was arrested.
-12:26 AM: Officers responded to a location where shots were reported. They were advised individuals fled the location in a vehicle. An officer located a vehicle matching the vehicle that fled and conducted a traffic stop. During the officer ’s investigation, a loaded 45 caliber handgun and several magazines was located. It was also discovered a passenger of the vehicle has warrants. Both were arrested.

SATURDAY, July 20, 2019
-12:55 PM: Officers responded to a location where a victim stated an individual, whom the victim was meeting for a rental advertisement, had forcibly taken the money from the victim’s hand. The individual was seen getting into a vehicle and fleeing the location. The vehicle was entered as a felony vehicle and located by El Monte PD. The individual was arrested.
-11:04 AM: Officers responded to a location of a suspect brandishing a firearm and causing damage to the victim’s vehicle. While enroute to the location, officers were advised the suspect had thrown the gun. Officers arrived and located the suspect running from the location. The gun was located and discovered to be a BB gun The suspect was arrested.
-4:34 PM: Officers working a two-man unit were patrolling the area of a motel. The officers discovered a vehicle parked illegally. The officers made contact with the sole occupant and discovered he was in possession of meth. Further investigation revealed there was a second occupant in the motel lobby and was found to be in possession of fraudulent access cards. Both were arrested.

SUNDAY, July 21, 2019
-9:18 AM: Officers made contact with an individual who was seen conducting a hand-to-hand transaction. During their investigation, it was discovered the individual was under the influence. The individual continued to provide the officers with false names and information. The officers were able to determine the individual’s real name, which revealed the individual had outstanding warrants. The individual was arrested.

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Congratulations to Explorers C. Corona, L. Martinez, C. Nguyen, J. Predergast, and E. Wagner who graduated from Basic Explorer Academy yesterday morning. You guys worked extremely hard and definitely earned it !! Post 499 👏🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

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Officer Jeff Mosley, who is on the HOPE Team, will be the contact to those wanting to donate items or provide resource information, so he can provide it to the family. You can e-mail him the information, any questions, or schedule a time to drop off items at the police department (Mon-Thur. From 6 AM to 4 PM).

Information about the family (clothing sizes):

(Boy/2 yrs): PJS, Socks, Shirts, Bottoms, Shoes: 3t
(Girl/ 9yrs): School uniform: 10-12, Shoes: 2 ½, Underwear: 9/L
(Boy/4 yrs.): Shirts/bottoms: 4t, Shoes: size 10 (child), Underwear: 4t

(Father): Tops (XL)
(Mother): Tops (L), Shoes: 7

Thank you again everyone!! The amount of individuals reaching out has been incredible!!

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Years of Service

The mission of the West Covina Police Department is to provide the highest level of service and protection to the community and to cooperatively enhance public safety as the Department progresses into the future.

Core Values

The core values of the West Covina Police Department is easily remembered using the acronym CITE.  CITE stands for the following:

Community Responsiveness